Material Testing

We carry out testing of various building and other engineering materials like cement, concrete mix design , concrete cubes , clay bricks and tiles, fly ash bricks, concrete blocks, paving blocks, concrete, terrazzo and mosaic tiles, PCC and RCC cable covers, coarse and fine aggregates, rocks and stones, ceramic , vitrified, glazed and acid resistant tiles, fly ash, GGBS, bentonite, HSD bars, G.I. pipes, Anodizing of aluminum, thickness of zinc coating, all tests of soils, bitumen tests including Marshal stability and bitumen mixes, wood and timber, performance tests of doors, plywood and laminated boards like Novapan, Eco board etc., stone ware pipes, NDT of concrete with Rebound hammer and UPV tester, concrete core cutting and core tests, water for construction and essential parameters of drinking water, paints etc.